Gannon University Student Parking

  1. Your monthly payment is $60.00. This payment is due before the 1st of each month. Please consider this payment like rent. The Erie Parking Authority does not send invoices for the monthly parking payments. If the payment is not made by the 5th of the month, the access card will be disabled and a $10.00 reactivation / late fee will be due. The time between the 1st and 5th of each month is a courtesy grace period we give our customers to make their payments. Parking is not free between the 1st and the 5th of each month.
  1. There is no longer a cashier on location at ramp D. Ramp D is located at 120 W. 9th Street and is connected to the Palumbo Center. To park at Ramp D, students will have to sign up for auto-debit payments from a checking account (bring a check or photo of check with you at sign up) or pay for the entire semester at sign up.
  2. A $10.00 deposit is due immediately for the parking garage access card. The $10.00 deposit will be returned to you if the card is returned to us in working order and you do not owe us anything for parking when you turn the card in.
  3. As a monthly parker, you will receive an access card allowing you to enter or exit the parking garage 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  4. The Erie Parking Authority is aware of your winter break. If you sign up before September 15th, and pay September- December on time, then then the month of January is free. If you receive a $10.00 reactivation / late fee for any month before January then it is not free and January will cost $60.00. If your monthly payment is automatically paid from a checking account by signing up for auto-debit, then you will never get a late fee and guarantee yourself January free.
  5. The Erie Parking Authority is aware the spring semester ends in the first half of May. For that reason, we charge students $30 for half of May. Students who pay $30 for half of May will have their parking cards deactivated on May 16th. Any student that is not on auto-payments and has not paid for the month of May by May 1st, will have their parking access card disabled on May 1st. This is to force students to either pay $30 for the first half of May or turn in their parking cards. If your card is turned off on May 1st there are 3 options: pay $30 for half of May, pay the daily rate for how many hours you were just in the garage on that day and bring your access card back to the Erie Parking Authority office for your $10.00 card deposit refund, or forfeit your access card to the cashier as your form of payment for parking for that day. In this 3rd option you lose your $10.00 card deposit.

For lots that apply to Gannon Student Parking please chose one of the following garages: Garage D or Garage Q.

For an application for lease parking please click here.