Gannon University Student ParkingĀ 

As of 7/1/2020

  1. Your monthly payment is $70.00. This payment is due before the 1st of each month. Please consider this payment like rent. To pay on a monthly basis it is mandatory to sign up for auto-debit payments by providing a checking account at sign up. Otherwise, the entire semester must be paid for up front. Parking is sold by calendar month. Parking is not free between the 1st and the 5th of each month. If card is deactivated you will need to pay the daily rate to exit, no refunds or credit to monthly payment.
  1. There is no longer a cashier on location at the Q and D Garages. All students will have to sign up for monthly auto-debit payments from a checking account (bring a check or photo of check with you at sign up) or pay for the entire semester.
  2. All student parking payments on a monthly basis are now required to be paid via auto-debit from a checking account. A $10.00 fee is due immediately for the parking garage access card and will be charged to your first monthly payment. The $10.00 fee is non refundable.
  3. As a monthly parker, you will receive an access card allowing you to enter or exit the parking garage as needed. Parking Authority reserves the right to manage access during major events in the downtown area.
  4. The Erie Parking Authority is aware of the GU semester schedule and we adjust pricing based on the Gannon University Semester schedule. In General GU students will not be charged from May 16 – August 15 each year unless they ask for summer parking. All parking will be placed on a month to month basis, with no carry over into another semester nor do we prorate activation or deactivation months.

For lots that apply to Gannon Student Parking please chose one of the following garages: Garage D or Garage Q.

For an application for lease parking please click here.